Zanzibar Self Drive Tours

Travel through Arusha, Dar-es-salaam, and Zanzibar by car. When driving your own car you can experience Tanzania in your own pace and visit places which could otherwise be difficult to reach – places such as small villages, breathtaking viewpoints, scenic roads and ferry crossings on the Zanzibar Stone Town Streets. Our selection of self drive tours includes it all, making the journey itself part of the attraction.

  • Hop on your private luxury car and visit the most beautiful places of Zanzibar.
  • Visit some of the magnificent villages of Nungwi and Kendwa or Matemwe.
  • Share your life with friends in one of the luxurious Hotel to spend some delicious lunch.
  • Swim and sunbathe in the most beautiful pristine beach of Nungwi.
  • Interactive photo shooting.

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