Zanzibar Coffee Ceremony Tour

Delight in a signature traditional Coffee Ceremony at Jafferji House & Spa. This is one of those things that should be on the hundreds of things to do before you die list, and actually, we have put it in our top ten.

  • Hop on the luxury car and head to Jafferji House.
  • Experience a wonderful ceremony of traditional coffee.
  • See and exercise the old way of roasting the coffee beans.
  • Enjoy the brewed coffee with fresh spices.
  • Interactive photo shooting.

Tanzania coffee is very famous for its different strengths and styles Indulging in a coffee Ceremony at Jafferji House will delight any coffee lover “The process starts with the beans being roasted in a clay pot over a tiny metal charcoal stove, the pungent smell mingling with the heady scents of lemongrass, cardamom, ginger, and mixed spice powders aromatizes the entire surrounding” You are seated on a locally woven mat in one of our spacious courtyards.

It is roasted, ground and brewed in front of you after that the brewed coffee is served to you in small delicate Arabic cups, Enjoy this brewed coffee with fresh spices whilst indulging in local sweet delights traditionally made especially for brewed coffee ceremonies.
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