Jambiani Village Tours

Many people visit Zanzibar without venturing into the villages and experiencing the real culture, spirits, and lifestyle of these incredible people. This is a pity because a travel experience is not the same without seeing how the locals live and work. Let our experienced guide show you what life in Jambiani is really like.

  • Hop on the luxurious car and head to magnificent village of Jambiani.
  • Discover the economic activities done by the villagers.
  • Visit the community initiatives and learn what they’ve planned.
  • Learn different plant medicines from local doctors
  • Enjoy the Swahili extravaganza in the traditional Swahili houses.
  • Interactive photo shooting.

For lunch, you will eat in the home of a villager and gain a true understanding of the locals and their culture.

Prices include the following:

  • Guide
  • Lunch

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